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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Windy City Hotel Time

Me and the other guys always like playing in Chicago, ahh, yeah. Good rivalry with close team, you know. Trip isn't so far from families, which is nice, for sure.

We're resting in hotel now b/c tomorrow is a big game, for sure. I share a room with Mule. He always..ahh...try to take the little... uhhhh... soaps and lotions... ya know, the small ones wrapped up in paper? But I need them to, you know, get ready before game.

I think I saw him, take a handful from the, ahh... the cart pushed by the ladies who clean up the rooms, you know? I'm not sure he shoulda do that. But the shampoo, you know, it smells like... ah, almonds. And that is very nice smell, for sure.

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