You know... Goalie view.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Contracts and Campers

Hello Homer fans!

I apologies for it been so, uh... long since I write last to, ah, you know... all you. I still real uh... sad, you know? About season eh... ending? But today I settle on, eh... my new, uh—you know, dealings? Have not fear, Homerfans! I will be here in the Joe Louis for, ah... at least another two seasons!

Only one thing weird with, ah... today's goodness: there a small group of, you know... girls? And I think they making, eh... camps on my front yards. They have the, ah... tents, and some bags for sleeping, and Mrs. Homer say they starting, uh... fires for cooking. I think they really glad I stay in Detroit again.

I was gonna call the, ah... you know... police, but they give little Homer children the, ah... treats with chocolates and the Graham's cracker. I wait until after we eat, uh... dinners and I gonna get them to makes treats for me, you know?

I think we, ah... let them stay.