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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ask Homer more!

Hello fans of Homer! It very nice to be, ah... back home at Detroit! We win very, you know... excited game last night with, uh... Phoenix, so it very funny for me to write you today! Mrs. Homer and me, we, ah... take the childrens to eat curly fries at, uh... the Arby's when I get home from Hank's hattricks which is nice. I think Hank should be always buying dinner, because, you know... he make more money than I do, and he, ah... don't have his kids yet, for sure.  

Here a few questions that the, ah... fans email to answer by me.

Dear Homer: Your "office" at the Joe is probably your favorite, but do you have a special "office" in any other arena?
--For sure, you know...ah...I feel like we play in Pittsburgh almost as much as we play home...uh, you know...the last few years. I used to like play in Chicago, you know, because Khabibulin and I... ah.. shared office there. You know, I think he didn't... eh... like it as much as, you know... I do.

Dear Homer: Do Swedish fish have bones; and are the bones also made out of candy so I can eat them without worrying?
--You know, ah... Swedish fish... they, uh... aren't fish really. No bones in the Swedish candy that I... uh know. For sure, I think, uh... you're ok to eat whole fishes. I wouldn't worry, you know?

Dear Homer: Do you ask your wife "do these pants make my butt look big?" and then dress for games accordingly?
--For sure, sometime I feel like, ah... my butt look kind of, you know... large. Everyone want to look, ah... you know, nice while they work. Usually, I uh...ask Drapes or, you know... Nick, because my wife, ah... she laugh at me.

Homer: What's your favorite ABBA song to karaoke to?
--Hard to pick, for sure, you know? In Sweden, everybody love ABBA! My favorite is, ah... you know, Dancing Queen, but I no sing it very, eh... good, you know? Sometime at parties, Hank and me... we sing, ah... Fernando. Nick always trying to get me to, ah... sing... with him Mamma Mia, you know... duets? So it hard to pick, for sure. I like them all a lots.

 Dear Homer: What kind of woodworking projects will you be attempting this summer??
--For sure, I don't like to, ah... too own horns, but, uh... I pretty good at working wood. I don't get to do as much as, ah... when I lived home in, you know... Sweden, but I've got some pretty plans for the summer. At home, I make bird house, ah... furniture, and stuffs for Mrs. Homer to use in the house. These are some of the, uh... projects I think doing this year (I hope you likes them!):

Picture frame, for, ah... your pictures, you know? (That not my horse.) 

A box for putting uh... jewels in.

A little house, maybe? 

Hoping see everyone tomorrow at the Joe Louis!



  1. Oh, Homer. Goals from the office, goals from the blue line, karaoke, and woodworking. Is there anything you *can't* do?

    Probably not.

  2. hey Homer, I liked your quote from the Detroit News ! "Usually, now, they go to the ref," Holmstrom said. "With all of the battling around there, for sure, they want to give the ref a heads up that, 'Look at the guy!' To see if I'm in the crease, you know?"