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Monday, April 26, 2010

Must win in dessert

Hi fans.  Is not 2 good of day for me, for sure.  We lose yesterday, but u know that u r fans.  So is back to desert for game 7.  Game 7 they not feel so kind to me, you know?  Its ahhh tough situation, for sure.  But we do we can is can win, is what we do.

U r such good fans 2 us. We can ahhh, hopefully beat dessert dogs and then back home 2 wife and kids 4 fun and goodtimes.  But 4 now focus on Game for sure!

- Homer

o yea.  Lills help me again, to be ah, you know, internet hip.  So read his blog for sure.  It's on official site 4 playoffs.

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