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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Win Last Night!!

We make big win yesterday!! Now we are go back to Phoenix to ah play in desert building again. Jimmy got first playoff shutout yesterday by not allowing any Coyote puck in net. Bravo for sure! Ehhh Hank and Pavel also scored goals to help us make victory. We must keep playing strong next game too so we can win series and ah play next round.

Our Joe was so loud last night. Thank you fans for coming to cheer at us! It means much to all teammates you know. During warmups, some girls offered me free candy. I wanted to go eat it, but Nick tell me I must focus on game. He said candy must wait until after end of play. I was sad. Chewy Candy Cars are Swedish specialty and my most favorite of all time for sure. It is good luck that I have many at home for celebration feast after strong win!

Ehhhhh I must stop blogging now. I think I hear first ice cream truck of summer in neighborhood! I must run fast to catch it.



  1. Sorry Nick wouldn't let you have the Chewy Candy Cars, Homer. The offer's still good though, candy for pitepalt :)

  2. Homer: did you catch the ice cream truck?! Maybe Babs can sub in Cleary to run the truck down for you?