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Saturday, April 17, 2010

1-1 Series and Curlyfries

Hello fans of 96!!!! Maybe you are sleeping after lateness of Wings victory, for sure. Ahh, that game look not-so-good for beginnings but we pull out major split in series and score many goals. (None goals with my end, though.) I make one point in the aiding of Pavel, for sure, but all weterans step up and make big plays. And young Abby, you know, who spend much time in Grand Rapids made several hit and, ah, real good goal. Two goal for Val and hattrick for Zata, for sure, bring all Detroit fanbase much happiness. (And curlyfried potato, you know!!!)

Tomorrow Coyotes come to our Joe Louis Arena, for sure. Is nice, ah, to play them in our building. As well, ah, all Phoenix player who come to Detroit should go get curlyfries with boxscore!!! Team bus could stop at one of local Arby's locations and all could go wait in line for tasty eatings! If I saw I would laugh and laugh hahahahahahaha!!!!

See U later Homerfans,


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