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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feel like I'm in zoo, NHL!

Hello Homer fans,

U know it's good to be here, because being here means we beat Coyotes.  Was good series, everyone play hard, good to win like that, for sure.

Now we are here in San Jose, its nice place, for sure, but can't wait to get back home.  Plane come in too late they say, then they will fine us.  Silly, I think, but u know, we have 2 get here and now we are here and will be ready to play, for sure.  Fine not so big deal, of course, Illitch pays it, sorry for him, but he know we need to be ready.

So yes tonight Sharks game time is at 9 at home and 6 here and 9 and 6 are numbers I like very much, for sure!  Is good sign, maybe a goal for me tonight?  Haha. I will tell u, for sure, that I am ready for one.

 Some guys have good goals in Phoenix for sure.  Pasha's very pretty.  Stuie very funny, because he almost fall, but then he score on boxplay, and I think, ahhhh was very killer for Coyotes.

All these teams with the animal names.  I feel like I am in zoo, NHL, hahahaa.  I kid.  For sure.
Getting really hungry for some Swedish food, is worst thing about road, you know, ahhhh, have to find IKEA to get Bilar Candy Cars and some fish soon.


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