You know... Goalie view.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Today we... you know... played the Blue Jackets... for sure.

And ahhhhhh... we won.

And Jimmy got a shut out, for sure, ya know?

We play ah, not so good.


  1. I dag vi... du vet... spelade mot Blue Jackets... så klart.

    Och ahhhhh.. vi vann.

    Och Jimmy holl nollan, så klart, vet du?

    Vi spelade ah, inte så bra.

    (no good translation for "for sure"

  2. Of course it doesn't translate - that's why it's one of the few things easily recognizable in English.

    This is a wacky idea and I wish I had the time to come up with something like this. I can't talk that way, though, even in jest. :D