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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Make Other Team Whine Again :)

I read article in the paper today. Ahhhhhh…seems BJs don’t like how I play in Office. One say to paper that my play is disturbing hahahahahahaha. People are always saying I interfere with goalie’s job. Yah, I’m in the crease sometimes for sure, but I have job to do too! It goes both ways, you know. We have many important goals called back because referees imagine I am in crease. Uhhhhhh…Don’t think they get how hard it is to do job! Nobody seems to understand me, you know? I battle with defenders, shots flying at me ahhhhh very fast, many cross-checks ALL the time, must fight for position against big strong men—sometimes it is too much for one Homer to handle. Still, I know I have to stay out of crease to make challenge for refs to call it for sure. Ahhhhh funny how no one on other team complains when they get away with dozen cross-checks in a row on my back….

I keep going to net, though for sure. No worries, fans, I still do job and make goalies cry nightmares in sleep. Much excited for playoffs and introducing enemy goalie to backside.

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