You know... Goalie view.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Happy Greetings, Homer fans!

I hope that you all, ah... has a good, you know—summer, eh... so far. Mrs. Homer and I have the kids to taken back, uh... Sweden, for the vacations, you know? From the school? It's nice to have the times to practice my working with, eh... woods, and picking the berries with, ah... Mule, you know... sometime.

Right now we in, eh... Molle, which is you know, club? With the beaches? Eh... Resort, you know? Tomorrow Hank gonna get, ah... married to the Emma, so we all here—Me, and Nick, and Mrs. Nick, and, eh... Kronner, and Lils. You know, all of us? Good to see them in the, ah... summertimes, and today we all, ah... we go swimming, you know? The Emma make us all the, uh... one suits, I think they called? And we all look like we go to jail. I don't know why there was, ah... so many people with cameras, but I think maybe it's joke? I hoped the pictures don't, you know... end up on the computers, so I had Mrs. Homer take one, ah... for me to show for you.

What do you think?

I hope we see a whole, ah... many of you at the camps for training. We all real excited to see you again soon!