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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ask Homer

The fans email me a lots of... uhh... questions, so I answer them here now for everyone to read, I think.

Dear Homer: Boxers or Briefs?
From Kris

Dear Kris:
I wear.. uhh... boxers-briefs? They all grey, I think.

Homer: Paper or Plastic?
From Lola
Dear Lola:
I don't... you know... do the food shopping that much, but I think... ahh... in the 80's when the Wings were, uh you know... not so good, the fans they wore plastic bags on their heads. So for sure I say paper now

Homer: Who has the best beard?
From Kris
Hello Again Kris:
Lets see... ah... Cleary got a good one, and Kris Draper because, you know, he look like Chuck Norris and he got a full red thick one going on in the... ah playoffs. Hank has a good one, too. Mine feels just disgusting, but... ahh... you gotta do what you gotta do, you know?

Homer: Do you like Huey Lewis & the News?
From Norm
Hi Norm:
Ahhh... do I like Huey Lewis & the News? Yah, for sure. Uhh... who doesn't, you know? I listen to everything but... ehh... country. I like the big butts song; ahh... “Baby Got Back” I think? Yah, that's a good one, but, uhh... Huey Lewis is good too.

Homer: What is the most dangerous part of having a candy addiction?
From Sara

Hello Sara:
I love candy! I do... ahh... worry sometime that I might choke on my candy during warmups for sure, so I have to be, you know... extra careful. I try to once eat some jolly rancher candy during a game, but... ehh... they kept get stuck in my mouth guard. So... yah, I just gotta be careful to not choke.  

Homer: Why is it that I have nightmares about your backside nearly every day?
From an anonymous NHL goalie

Dear Goalie:
Hehe, Fleury? Is that you?

If you have a question for me, uh, you can leave me a note and... ahh... I'll try to do Q + A again for sure. For now I need to have my oatmeal and sandwich, and get ready for game against, ehh, the Blackhawks.

Till next time,

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