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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goal Scored, but Game Lost

I worry earlier today because NHL issued memo warning about goalie interference. Every playoff they send warning meant for me and we lose goals because I have ahhhhh “reputation.” I don’t think it is fair, you know, but I find way to do job in Office anyway. Then ahhhhh first powerplay of series is for goalie interference. But it is against Phoenix. I laugh very hard at this for sure. But then I take penalty on powerplay. Lucky that Coyote goes off with me so we still have advantage.

Also I score goal. Hahahaha, I watch tape during intermission, and have no idea how it went in net. I don’t score on shots that way often, you know. Ahhh, feel very good though to start playoff scoring.

Ahhhh, sad that Coyotes come back to win game. We need to play better next game, for sure. Phoenix leads series now, but there is still much time to make series win.


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